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Winning Suit and Tie Combinations

Here at Tailorstyle Tailoring, our expert staff has over 25 years of experience in alterations, fit, and garment construction. Because of this knowledge, we know the challenges that someone with an athletic build faces when it comes to purchasing a suit. Over the years, we have put our tailoring expertise to the test to develop unique clothing patterns that are different from other retail companies.

Before we go into more detail about our products, it is important to explain how suits are cut, and how they determine their sizing. Manufacturers around the world cut suits based on the chest size. Using industry standards, they use these “averaged” measurements to create each suit.However, as most people are aware, these sizes don’t really fit a majority of shoppers. When it comes to people that have more muscular bodies, these fit issues are extremely apparent. Athletes don’t have a standard body shape, therefore they cannot purchase standard clothing.

When you go to the gym and start working out, you’ll notice your shoulders and chest become disproportionate. After a while, you start to find that garments that once fit your chest are now too tight in the shoulders. The shoulders are really the key area when it comes to finding the right fit. As we explained, mass suit makers don’t focus on this. If you try to buy a suit that does fit your shoulders, you’re going to see that the rest of the jacket does not. This is especially true for athletes that are under 5’8” and over 6’2”. When you go up a size to fit said shoulders, you’re going to see that the sleeves that are too long, the waist is too large, and your jacket hem will fall too low on your body. All of these elements create undesired proportions and costly alterations that are not going to provide you with the best possible final product.

Another part of suiting that is different for athletes is the waist. When your body is in peak shape, the midsection is very trim and you start to get an inverted triangle shape physique. When you buy a suit off the rack, the pants are typically cut with a 6 size difference between the jacket and pant size. For example, if you buy a size 38R jacket, the pants that would be sold with it are a size 32. You can probably already foresee the problem with this…As you go up in jacket size to fit your shoulders, your pant size is also increasing. However, athletes tend to have an even smaller waist size than the standard 6” drop. Most retail stores don’t allow you to purchase a jacket and pant size separately, so you end up with added alterations.

To treat this issue, we have made an exclusive pattern dedicated to athletes. Customers who try on an Tailorstyle Tailoring suit will notice an immediate difference; one that will make them feel comfortable and confident. With custom clothing, you can also order the necessary size combinations to fit you-nothing is standard here! Not only will you get a superior fitting garment, but you’ll also be able to show off your personal style by handpicking your fabric, buttons, lining, and other details.

By understanding your challenges, finding the perfect fitting suit makes it easier with Tailorstyle Tailoring. For a suit that is as unique as your physique, visit the experts today!